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Granite FAQs

How do I get a quote?

You will need to provide us with the dimensions of your kitchen and also have an idea of which colour granite you are wanting, to enable us to provide you with a quote. You can either email us your requirements, call us by telephone or visit us in the showroom ( highly recommend the later option). We have a selection of colours available to view on our website or we have a large selection of colours available to view in our showroom.

How do I place an order?

Once a price and colour has been established, we will require a 50% deposit to enable the order to proceed. When your kitchen is ready, we will then need to carry out a template of your kitchen base units or your existing worktops if you are transforming your existing kitchen. If there are any alterations from the original quote we gave you, we will contact you to advise of any cost changes. Once these changes have been advised it then takes approx 7 days to complete the manufacture of your new worktops. The balance of your order is due on the day of installation.

Can I cut/use knives on my Granite?

Yes. Using knives will not damage your granite as granite is a lot harder than your knife blades, but to protect the integrity and beauty of this natural products we recommend the use of an appropriate chopping board when using knives or sharp utensils.

Can I see the Granite before installation/ordering?

Yes. We have samples of granite in our showroom and we can also arrange for you to visit the stock warehouse where you can view all the full size slabs of granite available and you can even reserve your very own slab of granite before we proceed with manufacturing.

Do’s and Do Nots of cleaning & general maintenance

Do not use any cleaning chemicals on your granite which are abrasive, acidic or highly caustic ( this includes un-diluted bleach, oven cleaners, paint strippers etc ) as these can cause dulling of the sealed finish.

Do not leave liquid spillages on the surface of your granite for long periods of time, highly acidic/citrus fruit juices, oils and some detergents, if left, could have an adverse effect on the worktop sealant if left for extended periods.

Do not leave water on the surface of your granite for long periods of time as this may cause build up of limescale on your granite worktops.

Even though hot pans will not damage your granite worktops, we still advise using pan stands / rods / mats because if there is any grease, oil or grit build up on the base of the pan this could cause damage to your granite worktops.

Clean your granite with a pH balanced detergent and to avoid streaks buff dry the granite completely with a soft dry cloth.

Below is a link to Levantina Natural Stone Collection Maintenance Advise:

Levantina The Stone Collection Maintenance Advise

If in doubt, please call us!